Market Study


Whether the objective is to relocate across the street or to renew in the current premises, a tenant must feel confident that the best value is obtained. There is only one way to reach the most favorable conditions in a transaction: that is to leverage what the market is offering by playing one alternative against another. Hiring an expert who knows the local terrain and its players to perform a market study allows decision-makers to:

  • Know what the market offers
  • Short-list alternatives efficiently
  • Negotiate without bluffing
  • Justify decisions to management

A well-drafted report will indicate who owns/manages the properties, what the pricing structure is, what incentives are available, a description of the properties including services, and a map of their location. As a bonus, when going over our work, clients often discover – as well as the anticipated results – a few out-of-the-box options worthwhile to investigate.

The market study is an integral part of the leasing process and the service is included free as part of a tenant representation service contract. Please contact us at 514-969-6530, through the Contact Page, or by email at for more information on how our report will be tailored to your firm’s specifications and will prove to be a useful, value-added tool in your negotiation.