Commercial Real Estate Montreal


Commercial Real Estate, Montreal, and the value of having a broker

Over eighty percent of all office and industrial transactions, whether renewals, expansions, or relocalisations are closed with the assistance of a broker specializing in commercial real estate. Montreal and its many neighborhoods have their advantages and particularities, and using local expertise can add value that is measured beyond the difference in net rates. The commercial real estate Montreal market is changing. It takes timely action, strong relationships, and complete coverage of the commercial real estate Montreal market in order to get the best transaction successfuly completed. Of greater importance is the access to information of the commercial real estate Montreal market.

Efficient mass transit systems and logistical infrastructure, a bilingual, educated and skilled labor force, and strategically located industrial parks, combined with comparatively low acquisition and rental costs make the commercial real estate Montreal market of interest to firms wishing to establish a Canadian presence. The City has raw land available for development, adding to the pool of property available for redevelopment on the resale market. Certain companies and industries are eligible for tax credits, facilitating decisions concerning commercial real estate. Montreal has access to clean hydroelectric power, and according to Hydro Quebec, for every $100 spent by a corporate user in Montreal, the same user would spend $135 in Toronto, $166 in Chicago, $241 in Boston, and $255 in New York. The lower cost of energy can help corporations choose Montreal when making corporate real estate decisions.

Our firm is specialized in commercial real estate in Montreal. We do all of our business locally and believe we know our market better than other leading companies. We have won mandates away from other brokerage firms and assisted clients with “national mandates” precisely because of our local expertise. To serve our clients in other cities, we prefer to partner with local experts in those cities, and have little interest in opening hundreds of offices worldwide. The services section provides more complete description of how we can fulfill your commercial real estate Montreal requirements.

For your commercial real estate Montreal needs, please contact us at We would be happy to schedule an appointment to present ourselves, understand your requirement and determine if and how we can help.