Total Occupancy Cost Comparison Tool


After visits and possibly making preliminary plans on the shortlisted alternatives, a tenant may be faced with making a difficult choice between options that are all suitable from a qualitative perspective. At this point, the tenant needs to accomplish two things: first, to establish the true cost of each lease obligation over its duration, and second, to compare the different alternatives on a quantitative basis.

A total occupancy cost analysis and comparison tool allows a decision-maker to compare different spaces on a present-value or total dollar basis, each with different surface area, term duration, net rent, taxes, operating expenses, escalations, tenant allowance or free rent incentive, while playing with a number of variables such as inflation and discount rates.

This sophisticated tool is provided to our clients as part of a tenant representation service contract. Please contact us at 514-969-6530, through the Contact Page, or by email at to see how this tool can add value to your decision-making process.