Offer Negotiation


Tenants must sign lease documents in order to rent space. Unfortunately, it is difficult to negotiate 50-page leases that landlords impose as their “standard” document. The process takes time, and until the document is signed unconditionally, there is no deal. With the proper guidance, however, there is a way to go around this hurdle: that is to first negotiate an offer.

In the leasing process, success is achieved when able to “tie up” the landlord before getting involved in a lease negotiation. This objective is accomplished by focusing efforts on negotiating business terms and taking ownership of the paper process.

The offer-driven leasing strategy has had a large measure of success in the Montreal market and is generally accepted with building owners and managers. For tenants, it has been much easier to negotiate 7-page offers than 50-page leases. Thus, the negotiation of the offer is an integral part of our services and is included in our tenant represenation service contract. Please contact us at 514-969-6530, through the Contact Page, or by email at We have developped (with the help of our legal advisors) a standard offer document that we have used hundreds of times, tailoring it to the needs of each customer with respect to rights, options, and other specifications as required by our clients and recommended by us.