Lease Analysis


Typically, the office lease document is a long, complex document, and is prepared by the landlord’s legal counsel. It is useful for a tenant to have an executive summary of the lease to aid in the decision-making process. This analysis should be a simple summary of the lease’s main elements, with comments, and should be placed on top of the lease in the same file for easy reference.

Before renewing, expanding, or deciding to relocate, tenants need to understand their obligations in virtue of their current lease. If renewing, this may be the perfect time to clean up some irritants or limitations. If relocating or exercising options: decision-makers need to know about notices to send and their deadlines.

Performing a lease analysis should precede every other step in the leasing process; we provide this service for a reasonable fee. As part of a tenant representation service contract, it can be reimbursed when a brokerage transaction is concluded. Please contact us at 514-969-6530, through the Contact Page, or by email at Our analysis of your lease and its addendums will be thorough and most likely result in cost savings, as well as helping you avoid mistakes in the future.