Lease Negotiation


For tenants, negotiating a lease can be daunting. We recommend an offer-driven process. Once the main business terms are agreed to in an offer, legal counsel can make sure the offer’s terms are respected in the lease. The large majority of brokers will stop at the recommendation of hiring a lawyer and move on to the next client, but we provide an extra level of service – by reading the lease over and assisting the tenant’s legal counsel.

Sometimes, lawyers may not catch certain elements of a lease which are not part of their core domain of expertise. Clauses which make legal sense – and appear to make “common sense” – can be struck down when a prudent real estate advisor recognizes they are not standard practice in the market and truly defends the tenant’s interests.

Please contact us at 514-969-6530, through the Contact Page, or by email at We find it only natural for us to analyze the leases we work on at the back-end of the leasing process, because we offer a lease analysis to service our clients before embarking on a relocation or renewal. This service is included as part of our standard tenant representation service contract.